Proposal Regarding Edmonton’s Infill Policies Focus On Original Homes

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Proposal Regarding Edmonton’s Infill Policies Focus On Original Homes

There have been additional changes regarding Edmonton’s infill development rules, and the changes have been brought about to ensure the area continues to be clean and mature neighborhoods are intact at all times. It is, therefore, very important to take a closer look at the salient aspects of these proposed new rules and regulations. This will certainly help a lot in always being on the right side of the law when it comes to designing new homes in Edmonton and its neighborhoods. However, from the property owners’ perspective, if the new rules take effect, there will be a number of changes, including which materials are utilized for construction.

Changes In Materials

Some of the biggest changes will be concerning the kind of material that will need to be used on each street-facing facade. There will now have to be at least three different types of materials. The new rules might also prevent building of identical homes that are side by side. The above and other changes to the mature neighborhoods are still under consideration and in the discussion stage. Apart from the above, there are a number of other proposed changes, which are being reviewed as far as real estate construction is concerned.

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Attached Garages

Rear garages in the backyard of homes will now be allowed for the first time to meet popular demand. However, they will only be permitted in places which are 15 meters or wider. At best they will be able to hold a maximum of two vehicles. At the same time, the rules pertaining to the front garages have also been tightened. This will now be possible only in homes where there are no back lanes or if the previous house had a driveway in the front.

Side And Front Setbacks

There are many community members who are not happy with the proposed rules should they come into effect. Part of this is because there are no changes to the side setbacks. The rules as they exist currently make it possible to build homes with four feet of property line, constructed in narrow lots. There may also be other requirements with regards to building design and height.

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