Pork Chop Lots Could Be The Future Of Infill Development

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There has been quite a lot of debate in the city about infill development, specific towards skinny houses. Residents of Edmonton either love or hate them. Regardless of where you may stand on the topic of skinny houses, a new compromise has been proposed in the city to develop what are known as “Pork Chop” lots. These lots are different from skinny house lots as lots are not split down the middle but rather remain front to back lots. They are given the name pork chop lots because of the layout of the properties – a house in the front with an accessible garage unit in the back that can be accessed through either a back alley or the front of the house. In other markets, these lots are known as carriage properties.

pork-chop-lotThis type of development appeals to the market of people who may want to downsize their property without having to actually leave or complete bulldoze their existing home in order to accomodate two seperate properties. The garage unit in the back can also double as a rental property that is able to produce extra income for homeowners. The benefit of having a rental property that is not attached to your existing home is the ability to have some privacy and seperation between you and your tennant.

The concept of Pork Chop lots comes from Denmark and members of the City Council are proud that our city has finally caught up to this trend that is common in markets such as Toronto and Kelowna. Supporters of the Pork Chop lot initiative are excited about the diversity that such a design can bring to a neighbourhood allowing families or seniors to stay in the front homes and have seniors or singles living in the garage rental units. City Councilors are thrilled about this concept because it allows the property owner to have a larger home in the front with a smaller home in the back which is not possible with a skinny house.

The City of Edmonton is entering it’s second phase of it’s infill development program and it’s goal is to have infill housing to consist of 25% of all new housing initiatives in the city. There will be public meetings to discuss this phase of the program that will commence in March of this year.

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