Parking In The City of Edmonton

Edmonton is a flourishing and rapidly growing metropolis; therefore it can attract attention for all the good and bad reasons. On the one hand it is becoming one of the most sought after investment destinations in Canada and on the other hand, as is the case with many growing metros there are some day-to-day problems, which need attention and solution.

Whether it is being able to offer the best of roadways, or the best of health and other infrastructure or about having the right schools and avenues of entertainment, there are quite a few things which must be taken into account. Parking of private vehicles is also a major problem and, therefore, there must be ways and means by which this problem can be addressed. Each year thousands of new cars of different sizes and shapes are hitting the roads of Edmonton.


8-3 Parking


When we talk about lifestyle, quite often we look at it from a myopic and individualistic point of view. We look at happiness and enjoyment from within but in the process we forget that we are part of the society. We use the infrastructure that is available to us, and when there is a mismatch between what we expect and what is offered to use, it can create frustration and unhappiness. Here are a few important statistics when it comes to shopping and moving around various places in Edmonton.

Given the fact that weekends are precious for most job goers and others belonging to the fixed income-earning category, they prefer doing their grocery shopping and other purchases in and around the neighborhood where they live. The percentage for this is almost 86%.

Furthermore, only 12% are not too bothered about having a parking space while they move around the city. In other words, almost 88% are keen on finding the right place where they can leave the car behind while they do shopping or even spend time watching a movie or spend an evening with friends. For them being able to move around in their vehicles is a way by which they can define their lifestyle from a positive perspective. Even if the shopping malls may be located a few blocks away from their homes, they prefer not to leave the cars behind. This they feel would defeat the very purpose for which the cars are being bought in the first place.

As development continues throughout the City of Edmonton, parking may continue to be a problem for residents and it is important for developers to ensure to provide great options for recreational and permanent parking.

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