New Building Codes Bring Differing Opinions

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New Building Codes Bring Differing Opinions

Newly constructed glass towers and condos may soon become a thing of the past. The government of Alberta may be adopting multiple changes for building codes in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The new provincial building codes that are supposed to come into effect November 1st will improve heating and lighting and energy efficiency for windows, building envelopes, and air conditioning to minimize greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.


The CEO of Westrich Pacific Corporation was not at all impressed upon hearing the new building codes even though they are exempt from the changes because of the permit being before November 1st. David Sanche, the CEO of Westrich, mentioned that building glass towers that are tall may now be nearly impossible.

The changes that are being enforced now have to be seen as a welcome step to meet the current national energy efficiency standards. Even though the plan was proposed earlier, Alberta had not thought about adopting it previously.

Sanche also mentioned how discouraging this implementation would be to other developers. While this may be true to some extent, developers like UrbanAge Homes are already a step ahead and exceeding the required standards.

Richard Nault, the operations manager of UrbanAge Homes, said that they’re not concerned with the new building codes at all. In fact, he went on to say this is a welcome step that would raise the bar for the construction industry and result in better quality developments.

Nault further added that new technologies in the world of automobiles have significantly improved how people drive. He believes it also makes sense that the housing industry evolve with time as well.


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