Inaugural Design Competition Brings Fresh Ideas

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Inaugural Edmonton Infill Design Competition Brings Fresh Ideas

In its first annual Edmonton Infill Design competition, creative designers and architects came up with many innovative thoughts and ideas. The competition had eighty-two entries from all over the world. This entry number appears to indicate that there is a plan for development and growth in the Edmonton area as many participants were curious and excited about entering.

One of the striking entries of this completion was named Inclination. Kennedy Create presented it and it was awarded in the Open category as a Merit. The project was presented as being on semi-private community space with a summer/winter feature as a winter ice slide with a route for rainwater.


The goal is for infill housing to be something different but in a good way. It can be something where parents have a secure place for their kids’ fun and enjoyment while creating some sweet memories. You could say that some of the city’s lots are very cookie cutter, so the motive is to create some grey area outside of the norm. The ice slide was both unique and appealing to families. This is in the first stages, and they are looking into different aspects, like the cost and clients’ opinions to convert the ideas into reality.

The city reports any space that is fifty feet and larger has the possibility of being divided. Though it was meant to be a welcoming step, it did not impress everyone. Once people saw the community shift a bit, they appeared to be worried. Infill design has not received as much appreciation until recently. The problem is not with the infill design; it could be a problem with the designers. The city has many things to be inspired by, and it is the responsibility of the designers to do justice with their infill creations.


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