Establishment Of A New Team To Combat Infill Rule-Breaking In Edmonton

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Establishment Of A New Team To Combat Infill Rule-Breaking In Edmonton

The establishment of an infill police unit in the city of Edmonton has been welcomed to step forward in combating development rule-breakers. This has left many at city hall anxious to see how this will help rid unlicensed and unsafe projects in the city.

For a long time, city hall has been working on proper building and construction policies that enhance residents’ welfare. Infill development has thus been a primary concern at city hall especially when it is considered that previous years witnessed cases of rule-breakers walking free due to lack of enforcement capabilities. It was until last year that the council, through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, received a list of problems in the development sector. It was revealed that lots of systemic issues have been affecting the city, such as poor drainage systems, unfenced excavation sites, mountains of dirt and even cases of foundation holes creeping passed property lines.


The infill police unit is thus a step to curb such problems by ensuring builders are abiding by the law for the good of those who live here. It is thus a common thing to see police officers like Darren Anderson driving around in trucks with safety code inspectors who help prevent builders from breaking set rules. They are also tasked with ensuring that building sites are fenced and clean enough with no harm to boulevard trees.

One officer revealed that most of the building sites visited were due to complaints from concerned neighbors. However, the officers also check records to evaluate construction projects going on throughout the city. The Edmonton infill police has thus fined more than 100 builders and warned another 400 since their operations took shape in July. The unit has visited 300 properties and helped prevent progression of dangerous projects.

Records show that the unit spotted over 60 infill properties where the builders had no permit or were not operating within the stated regulations in the permit. However, the team has identified lack of knowledge on safety concerns as a reason for occurrence of most of these cases. As the director of development and zoning in Edmonton, Livia Balone puts it, most of the team’s efforts are to educate property owners and builders on what is required.

The establishment of the special team came as a response to problem builders who even work at night as expressed by neighborhoods in the city. The main aim of the team is to carry out inspections and ascertain that builder work is within the law for the good of Edmonton residents. It remains to be seen how effective this new approach will help in the next few years.


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