Why Edmonton Should Be Your Next Getaway

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Why Edmonton Should Be Your Next Getaway


Among all of the cities in Canada, it is highly recommended to visit Edmonton at least once. If you are making plans for your next trip, make sure it is to this quirky capital of Alberta. It is full of amazing features and numerous districts where you can get completely lost. Various beautiful places and some happening activities here are worth witnessing once in your life. Here are some of the fun and offbeat facts about Edmonton:


#1: The Hotels Offer Free Cheese & Wine

Who doesn’t love to enjoy some wine and cheese, especially complimentary? Well, everyone! So, sit down and grab a glass. It is the ultimate enjoyment, be it alone or even if people come and join you. When you are traveling, it is really fun to chat with other guests and locals over some wine and cheese. That’s something each and every hotel in the country should offer!


#2: There Are Many Festivals To Enjoy

There are some great festivals celebrated in Edmonton. One of them is the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, which is the second largest in the world. The entire day will be spent full of fun and enjoyment as you take a peak into other cultures. Apart from this, there are 60 major festivals celebrated throughout the year in Edmonton. Some of these are the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival and the Blueberry Bluegrass & Country Music Festival in summer. Don’t forget the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival in the fall.

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#3: You Can Visit Ukraine In Edmonton

Yes, you read it right. You can enjoy the beauty and culture of Ukraine without having to leave Canada. One of the major highlights of Edmonton is its Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. There is a living museum that feature more than 40 buildings that can be dated back to pre 1930s. This was the time when there was a wave of Ukrainian immigration in Canada. The buildings are original, and there was also a grocery store from 1929 as well as a hotel from that time which used to cost $1 for a night back then. It will truly mesmerize you and take you back in time. It is a must see.


#4: Because of the Dark Sky Preserve

It is very thoughtful of the Canadian people to think up something like this. The Dark Sky Preserve is an area that is kept free of any type of pollution created by artificial lights. You can enjoy stargazing and full moon kayaking here in this preserve. The best place to visit for these experiences is Astotin Lake in Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve.


Apart from the four reasons above, there are many more fun and entertaining facts surrounding Edmonton. The best thing is that you can gorge or nibble like a royal, even on a budget. Also, try to experience El Cortez. It is a funky space where Mexican fusion meets art gallery. You may never get bored of visiting this place. It is full of enthusiasm and always has a lot to offer to the tourists. So, make sure that your next trip is to Edmonton in order to see all that it has to offer.


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