Edmonton Metro Region Making Plans For Future Growth

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Edmonton Metro Region Making Plans For Future Growth

As the Edmonton region grows with increased population resulting in more pressure on the existing infrastructure, there is a need to look for ways and means by which the changing realities and requirements can be accommodated. Hence it is quite obvious that there is a new growth plan that is on the anvil. Apart from helping to give a new push to the infrastructure, it is believed that the capital region would be able to save around $5 billion.

Furthermore, it would be able to create and preserve an area larger in size than St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove put together. The plan has been named the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, and the Capital Region Board received the final draft of the plan on September 8 2016. The draft lays down the main rules as to how the communities in and around the Edmonton area can be developed in the next 30 years.

EDMONTON, ALTA: SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 -- An aerial view downtown Edmonton with the North Saskatchewan River on September 10, 2015. (Photo by Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal)

The Salient Features Of The Plan

There is no doubt that any urban expansion plan is very expensive, and Cathy Heron is of the same opinion as far as St. Albert County is concerned. Amongst other things, St. Albert will need a new fire hall over the next five years. The objective of this new growth plan is to preserve greenery as much as possible and reduce the cost for constructing new infrastructure. According to the plan, efforts are on to save costs on infrastructure by saving on new pipes, roads and other ongoing operating expenses and costs. The plan takes into account the forecast that the population of the Edmonton region will double to around 2.2 million by 2044.

Even while accommodating this growth, the local government in question could save up to $5 billion on infrastructure. This is because they will be using time tested compact development and various other methods. They will also not be touching around 250 quarter sections of land. This area would be big enough to house St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove, as mentioned earlier.

What The Plan Is All About

The main aim of the plan is to ensure that the children and grandchildren of the Edmonton region have a bright future. This document lays down the rules pertaining to the development of the region. Local government will implement the plans and municipal development plans will form the basis. The plan will try and save as much farmland as possible. This will increase food production and will also ensure that less distance is traveled by road.

Amongst various other things, the plan takes into account the need for utility and transportation corridors. It sets apart employment zones and natural areas will be identified. The employment zone will essentially be Alberta’s industrial heartland where industry and business will be located. The main objective of the entire plan is to conserve prime agriculture because of the increased need for food for future generations. However, it could take about 5-10 years before any residents would be able to notice obvious effects from the plan. Currently the plan will be calling for increased infill development.

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