Locals Continue To Question If Infill Homes Are Affordable

Edmonton Continues To Question If Infill Homes Are Affordable

With just over one million people, this Canadian city can be big yet remain somewhat small in a sea of large cities with skyrocketing housing prices. Although pricing may seem high for infill homes, they are still not as high as what you would get with a home on a standard 50-foot lot. It is also believed that garage suites will make housing more affordable. Also, Edmonton’s infill homes are helping with affordability because the cost of housing in this city is lower on average houses than in surrounding cities.

One would fit in nicely with the different types of people who rent or own new condos Edmonton offers at affordable prices because infill homes remain popular with buyers. People who do not like to do yard work or are unable to perform the tedious job of lawn care may want to consider condominium life. This is because the lawn area is kept up for them, in addition to snow removal in the long winter months.


Edmonton infill home builders believe that this community is one in which the environment and an individual’s impact on the Earth are very important. It is not uncommon to find a ‘green’ house among the many different types and styles of homes in this eco-friendly town. People participate in recycling programs and compost when they can. The community as a whole wishes to reduce their carbon footprint and their mark on the world’s ecosystem.

Edmonton infill homes range from a smaller ranch style with everything on one floor to three or four stories multi-family units with several bedrooms each. There are many different types and styles of homes in this town and one that is sure to fit into your family’s budget and needs. Some families have small children or pets and need an enclosed backyard while other individuals need more space inside the house. There are many different options to choose from.

Some of the most beautiful new infill homes Edmonton offer to its residents are moderately priced and will fit into nearly all budgetary needs. Since the taxes are not very much in this community, buying a house here is an ideal investment for everyone. Building a family or retiring in such a diverse and exciting community is a great option for all.

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