Should You Consider Infill Developments?

Infill Developments – Are They Worth A Look?

One of the biggest struggles of finding the perfect home is which two of the roads you are going to take. These two roads being a new house in the outskirts of the city, or an already built home inner city closer to the core. Everyone would love to choose a new home to be designed how they want and to their tastes, but cities now are growing at such a rapid pace that these new communities are an hour or more commute to the city core or to work. The alternative is to buy in one of these older communities that are closer to the core but you do not get much of a selection as far as choosing a home catered to your tastes. So do you pick your dream house in the outskirts of the city? Or choose a better inner city location and settle on a home?


Introducing Infill Developments

An infill development essentially combines both options described above. You get your dream place in a community that is closer to the core. Or if you are presently in a community but are tired of an older home, an infill development might be a great option for you. Essentially an infill development is the art of bringing new life to older neighborhoods.

Many home buyers spend hours on end scanning through listings that “cross off the list”. The sad reality is that most of these homes were not built with your interests in mind so you end up settling on something you can convince yourself to accept. Infill developments build homes that cross everything off your list in a neighborhood that provides the amenities and security you are also looking for. Usually these options allow complete customization such as layout of the home, the building style you prefer, the fixtures within the house as well as all the finishings.

Infill Developments

The Advantages of Infill Developments

There are a number of advantages of going with an infill development. The first and foremost advantage as we have discussed previously, is the complete customization that this kind of development provides. Essentially, you are the head architect with a working crew all awaiting your command on how exactly you want your house to be built. Some companies that offer infill development even offer free consultations to potential customers so that they can find out what they had in mind as well as the budget they are working with. This essentially is to help the potential buyer in seeing if what they are looking to do can be met with the budget they had in mind.

The second big advantage of having an infill development done, has been discussed as well which is the location it provides. As mentioned, lots of the newer communities are on the absolute outskirts of the city which sometimes is a heavy commute to the inner core or to where you work. Since these outskirt communities are usually brand new, there usually is constant construction around the area that could take a while to clear as these construction teams are likely building full communities as well as strip malls, grocery stores or any other buildings that essentially will help develop these new communities. Another unfortunate reality if you haven’t already noticed, is these newer developments provide a “cookie cutter” method. This essentially means home builders will design 1 or 2 home designs for an entire community as this saves the home builder a lot of money. With this method as well, these units are usually smaller in size with a smaller backyard and total property as the home builder’s main objective is to cram as many properties possible into the land they purchased.


The final advantage of an infill development is your property value. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “location location location”. With an infill development you are building a home in a community that already has a property value much higher than a community in the outskirts of town. These communities will always have a property value that stays consistent or slowly increases as the city expands. This may not be the case with an outskirt community because if a home developer stops expanding past your new community, your value will not increase.

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We have outlined quite a few advantages of why many people have started taking the infill development path and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming incredibly popular. Home builders get to essentially build their dream home in their dream location at a price point that fits within their budget. Overall, infill developments should be something to be considered by home buyers in the market for a new home.


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