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A New Skinny Breed Of Housing in Edmonton

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A new type of housing is gaining more popularity in Edmonton every day. Homes referred to as “skinny homes” are enlivening older neighborhoods and encouraging buyers to remain in the heart of the city.

Built on larger lots, the thinner homes are able to accommodate less space but increase the number of people living in one area. The city is in support of having residential infill in areas that were meant to prohibit multiunit housing. Read More

Targets Propose Addition Of Infill Communities for St. Albert, Sherwood Park

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Plans for infill growth in the communities of St. Albert and Sherwood Park are rolling out. We could be expecting angry debate regarding lot splitting and skinnier condominiums and houses, similar to what is happening in Edmonton. Council members have stated that people are understandably fond of their neighborhoods and are slow to change their views about infill policy. However, if the transition doesn’t happen, housing as many people as is expected is just not practical.

The Capital Region Board released plans referred to as “intensification targets” during the beginning of April. Towns and cities in this region will be expected to forward their strategy regarding the addition of higher density neighborhoods. Read More

Should You Consider Infill Developments?

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Infill Developments – Are They Worth A Look?

One of the biggest struggles of finding the perfect home is which two of the roads you are going to take. These two roads being a new house in the outskirts of the city, or an already built home inner city closer to the core. Everyone would love to choose a new home to be designed how they want and to their tastes, but cities now are growing at such a rapid pace that these new communities are an hour or more commute to the city core or to work. The alternative is to buy in one of these older communities that are closer to the core but you do not get much of a selection as far as choosing a home catered to your tastes. So do you pick your dream house in the outskirts of the city? Or choose a better inner city location and settle on a home? Read More