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Infill Policies In The City Of Champions

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Edmonton’s city council is very supportive when it comes to infill development and believes that it can completely update the landscape of the city. The city wants to ensure that the infill development that takes place is not only well thought out and meticulously planned, but it is also respectful of the mature communities and those that live in them. There has been quite a lot of debate lately in the city about the repercussions of infill development in certain communities which is why it is very important to select a well-established, quality builder that is guaranteed to follow all the rules and regulations set out by the city. The best infill developer in the city that is guaranteed to not only deliver you the infill of your dreams but also ensure to abide by all the city’s rules is Plex Developments. Read More

Infill Development And How Trees Are Being Considered

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New requirements in Edmonton could expect developers and residents alike to plant additional trees and shrubs. Bylaw changes would dictate that builders plant two, three, or four shrubs per single-family unit residence. However, city council would provide credit to those who have existing trees on the property.
Members of the Old Glenora Conservation Association are encouraging the council to take it one step further and mandate that the builders maintain surviving trees as well. Council members agree, stating the city is bringing forward many significant points, vital to developing vacant areas within the community. Read More