Edmonton is known for its strong western presence in the oil industry; it is the capital of Alberta, Canada. The population and area of the city has grown by the merging of several adjacent municipalities like North Edmonton, West Edmonton, Jasper, and Beverly. The city was incorporated as a town in 1892 with a population of 700 people. Prior to 1892, the growth of Edmonton was enabled by the Canadian Pacific Railway that arrived in 1885. This brought with itself huge economic benefits from entrepreneurs who came from all over the world. It became a central trading station for many people which heavily increased its population. Later it became a recognized city in 1904 with a booming population of 8000 people.

When the province of Alberta was formed in 1905, Edmonton was made the capital city. Its growth was catalyzed by speculations in real estate. The last municipal to be annexed was Jasper in 1964. The city was brought to its knees during World War 1 with major economic and population decline. It however recovered in the 1930s especially after the Edmonton City Center airport was opened in 1929. This was the first licensed airfield in Canada which brought people from all over who ended up settling in Edmonton. This was a big step in rebuilding the Edmonton population.

Today the Edmonton is metropolitan city with a population of over 1 million people. It is the second largest city in Alberta region. It has big economic projects estimated at $ 57. 8 billion, with a big percentage of this being in oil and gas. Oliver and Garneau are some of the densely populated districts of the city. Other big residential areas include
Riverbend, West Jasper, Heritage and Big Lake among many others. There are many good schools and crime rates are reducing in Edmonton. Families feel safer and they can easily access quality education for their children. Edmonton has been known in Alberta to provide the best job outlook along with other opportunities that do not fall
within the oil industry.

Major Events

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Edmonton hosts a myriad of festivals including The Works Art and Design Festival from June to July every year, which is festival to showcase Canadian art and design from celebrated artists. The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival takes place yearly in mid-July and highlights street art. There is also the International Film Festival that takes place annually in September and displays renown and eye opening films to the world. There also is the Freewill Shakespeare Festival from mid-June to early July and showcases the works of Shakespeare. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival that is held in mid-August is the largest fringe festival in all of North America. We can’t forget the Edmonton Heritage Festival which is a cultural summer festival that takes place in Hawrelak Park on the Heritage day. There are also concert halls for music and theaters in the University district. The Francis Winspear Center for Music is recognized in all of Canada as a perfect concert hall for acoustic music. This is where the Edmond Symphony Orchestra and other music shows happen including concerts, musicals and ballets.

Activities In Edmonton

The main nightlife area is within Whyte Avenue. Whyte Avenue has the highest number of clubs, restaurants, and bars where you can go party or grab a drink. They have a large selection from fine dining, to lounges, to clubs. Strathcona town, which is very near the University of Alberta, has a bunch of activities during weekends and at nights. The district is known for trendy clubs, movie theatres, and comedy venues.

Student spending and student activities have immensely contributed to the growth Strathcona in Edmonton. The University of Alberta offers top academic courses and interuniversity sports activities. Downtown Strathcona has become the hub of socialization. This is where residents go for famous happy hours, dinner, parties and there is free parking at nights and on weekends. Music and on stage productions are popular in the area. Along Bourbon
Street there are also great places to eat out, clubs and casinos.

During the weekends, you can go to witness sporting events like the Canadian Football League at the Common Wealth Stadium or the North American Soccer League at Clarke Stadium. During the winter times you can also
go catch an Edmonton Oilers hockey game.


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Edmonton is home to several big malls including the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest mall in North America, and one the world’s top ten largest malls. The mall includes hundreds of stores along with a waterpark, themepark and ice skating. Kingsway mall, and the North gate center among other malls in Edmonton. There are also major retail locations in the city like the Old Strathcona, Edmonton city center mall and Jasper Avenue.


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